Department of Internal Medicine, Occupational Diseases


A brief history

The chair of internal medicine Nr.6 was set up in 1992. From the foundation to the present day it is led by PhD, D.M., professor Ivan Butorov. The chair was renamed in to Clinical Nr.6, the subject “Occupational Diseases”, being a part of the Department of Internal Medicine, approved at Senate Session of “Nicolae Testemiţeanu” State University of Medicine and Pharmacy Nr.9 of 26.11.2010.

Clinic Nr.6 performs its activity on the basis of Hospital of the Ministry of Health in 3 sections of therapeutical profile (internal diseases, hepatology and gastroenterology), with the total capacity of 135 beds where the training of the IV-th and VI-th – year students of Faculties of Medicine nr. I and II and Faculty of Public Health, resident-internists, family doctors and postuniversity courses in “Occupational Diseases takes place.

Researches deal with cardio-pneumological and gastroenterological disorders as well as occupational diseases. Thesis for PhD degree and DM degree were written and defended by the lectures of the department.  Professor I.Butorov was the scientific adviser of 16 defended thesis.

At the moment two doctoral thesis are being completed.

The employees of clinic N.6 have published more than 300 articles, 25 guidelines for health care practice, seven monographs and more than 100 patents for diagnostics of internal pathologies and methods of diagnostic optimization were registered.

Professors, associate professors and lecturers of the department of occupational diseases implement new complex methods to manage patients with obstructive chronic bronchopneumopathy and diffuse liver diseases. They take an active part in the activity of scientific societies of the Republic of Moldova and national and international congresses.

The staff of the department cooperate with profile centers from Romanian Clinics from Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu), France (ClinicalHospital ”Avicena”, Paris; ClinicalHospital “Laenec”, Paris), Germany (Freinburg Falk Fondation) and Russia (Institute of Medicine and Stomatology “N.A. Semaşco, Moscow; ClinicalHospital, Moscow).